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    • Easy to install
      • ***** Incredibly easy to work with; high quality By Catherine
        Five months ago, I renovated a play room in my house with new wood laminate floors. I had never done this before and so I spent so much time researching the type/color/cost of the wood laminate, that I didn’t really consider other stuff, like floor underlayment. I just grabbed whatever looked nice and was of average price. Recently, I finished renovating my loft. This time I used a different floor underlayment (floor muffler). There was a huge difference with the ease of installation (the foam was easy to align and overlap; easy to cut; adhesive tape pre-attached to foam prevented shifting; no crackling foam noises!). I had a lot less frustration when working with this green foam. Plus, I swear the loft sounds quieter when i walk on it than my play room. (The play room has this clicky, plasticy sound when I walk on it). Anyway, I highly recommend you research and compare floor underlayments. For me, Floor Muffler was incredibly easy to work with and I found it dampened foot noise very well.


    • World class customer service
      • ***** Great Product, Great Customer Service

        By Wild Bill

        Quiet, the floor makes no noise- The film strip and built in adhesive are a big help – no taping necessary on longitudinal seams – you will need to tape it together on butt seams – GREAT customer service. I e-mailed them at 8pm one evening thinking I would get my questions answered sometime in the next few weeks. At 8:15pm that same evening I had my answers.


  • Sound quality
    • ***** Great product 

      By Joe

      I am installing new floors in my kitchen so went to Homedepot near my home. I had a chance to meet Floormuffler® rep in Homedepot, where he showed the different type of underlayment that the store carries and compared it to floor muffler. Love the sound and quality of the product, it produces the similar sound on my new hard wood flooring. i would definitely use this for my basement too.

  • Incredibly sound absorbing
    • ***** Incredibly sound
      Awaken the Dawn

      We installed this in a dance studio and wow did it ever cut the echo! Before, dancing with tap shoes was too loud and earphones had to be worn to avoid hearing loss, and most detailed footwork was lost in the drowning noise. After installing this and then laminate on top, the noise is reduced so much it’s the perfect sound level even for tap dance. Absolutely recommend!

  • Versatile
    • ***** excellent foundation!By bambooTho

      This is the second floor I have used this on and it is great. Works on cement or wood subfloor. It is quiet and durable.

  • Avoid knock offs
    • ***** State of the artBy Jonathan

      I own numerous high end residences and have used the Floormuffler® in each one. I’ve seen other knock offs but no other products performs as well. Great sound quality and easy to work with. So glad home depot stated carrying