innovation heading

These are the core principles that drive the efforts of every employee of Diversified Industries, Inc. Every day, our team strives to continually improve all aspects of our business.

Our focus on science and technology has been the keys to breaking new ground with engineering advancements that lead the way.

This intense focus is also the driving force that has allowed us to develop award-winning products. Coupled with our commitment to service, we have separated ourselves as a world class manufacturer.

Project Management is the driving force behind the delivery of world class products to our customers. Throughout the entire product development cycle, our team of design, quality, and manufacturing engineers maintains intense focus on both internal and external customers to insure effectiveness and efficiency in the design, validation, and implementation phases of all products.

Advanced Product Quality Planning is incorporated into all products developments at Diversified Industries, Inc. We combine statistical process capability studies and quantitative reporting methods to validate our processes and our products.

This structured and focused approach allows us to produce high value, performance products in a consistent manner every time.