Key Makrkets

Policy on Flooring Purchases Made via the Internet

All of us at Diversified Industries are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality flooring underlayments and best service in the industry. In order to protect that mission, our products are sold through a network of trained and qualified distributors and dealers throughout the world.  Diversified Industries does not sell direct to internet retailers.

As a ISO Certified manufacturer, Diversified is always working hard to insure that our products meet and exceed the highest standards. 

  • You can be assured that these products are manufactured with a heightened awareness of the interaction of our operations with both the environmental and social issues around us.
  • You can be assured that these products are manufactured in a manner that takes into account all federal , state, and local employment and environmental laws.
  • You can be assured that these products are manufactured in a manner that also addresses moral and ethical responsibilities as well as legal issues.

In today’s environment, we live in a global economy which gives consumers options unlike ever before. With these options come risk that traditionally have not existed. Recent events and news reports have demonstrated the serious consequences of potentially dangerous or loosely documented products entering the market.

We have become aware of a growing number of consumers who have had unsatisfactory experiences as a result of purchasing products via the Internet.  The Internet is a useful tool for researching companies and the products they make. Our website, for example, offers extensive product information. However, when it comes to the purchase, there is no substitute for personalized and  professional service. Flooring is a substantial investment, and we highly recommend that consumers purchase flooring underlayments from a local retailer in order to get the best service both during and after the sale.

We urge you to consider the following points before you make a Diversified Industries underlayment purchase:

  • Diversified Industries cannot guarantee that underlayment purchased over the internet is authentic.  Keep in mind that a price that seems "too good to be true" probably is exactly that. You may not be buying the same thing. We know this to be true because we have actually uncovered internet retailers selling counterfeit “FloorMuffler” products, while representing them to be authentic.
  • Flooring systems are not commodity products, like a book or CD. You and your family use your floor every day, and protecting your family’s safety and your investment is critical. Buying your floor underlayment from a reputable dealer is your assurance that the people who sell, install, and service your floor are experienced, well-trained professionals.
  • Finally, please consider more than just price when selecting a new floor. Consider the value of advice from trained salespeople and the peace of mind knowing that you have a local businessperson to call on with any future questions about your purchase.