UltraSeal Product Information

FloorMufflerr High Performance Adhesive (HPA) Product Information

The FloorMuffler® High Performance Adhesive (HPA) System couples the unmatched performance of The FloorMuffler® underlayment with the technology of The FloorMuffler® HPA High Performance Adhesive System. This two part system contains both The FloorMuffler® HPPA (High Performance Pad Adhesive); as well as The FloorMuffler® EWA (Engineered Wood Adhesive) in a complete and warranted system for double glue applications. This system has undergone extensive laboratory and field-testing and is guaranteed to perform in commercial and residential applications.

FloorMuffler® High Performance Pad Adhesive (HPPA) is a revolutionary breakthrough in adhesive technology. A solvent-free, latex resin emulsion, which allows the contractor to install the non-porous pad within 20-30 minutes after spreading the FloorMuffler® HPPA. This will increase productivity without compromising the integrity of the installation. The ultra-fast flash time grabs The Floor Muffler® and holds the pad in place while the installer lays the wood flooring.

FloorMuffler® Engineered Wood Adhesive (EWA) is a high solids, water resistant, proprietary Co-Polymer adhesive, which is formulated for the installation of engineered plank. The maximum dimensions for engineered hardwood flooring are 7“ x 96". Before installing bamboo or other exotic species, please contact Diversified Industries, Inc., directly for written approval.

Features and benefits include:

  • High solids formula results in superior long-term bond strength.
  • The ONLY adhesive specifically formulated for use with The FloorMuffler® underlayment.
  • Minimizes "cure times" needed before installing hardwood over The FloorMuffler® underlayment.
  • Meets low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emission standards.
  • Easy to spread and clean up.
  • Minimizes cupping or lifting for plank flooring.
  • Re-bond characteristics helps to minimize callbacks for "popping" or "hollow" spots.
  • Freeze-thaw stable. Non-hazardous and environmentally safe.