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Quality Underlayment for Strict Acoustic Standards


Ensure Compliance With Sound Ratings

As a building or homeowners’ association, your properties have strict requirements to meet when it comes to sound and acoustic ratings. If a resident is looking to renovate or you’re overseeing a build yourself, you need to make sure that the materials being used will all meet those requirements.

When it comes to your floors, you need to make sure that the entire flooring assembly fits the noise requirements. High-quality underlayment from FloorMuffler delivers excellent acoustic performance, so you can be sure that you and your residents are in compliance with even the most strict ratings requirements.

You can trust FloorMuffler to provide the quality that customers expect from your homes, and the comfort they want in theirs.

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Why Use FloorMuffler?


Superior Noise Ratings

Build houses that feel like home, delivering on quality and comfort with superior acoustic performance in your flooring assemblies.


Reliable Expertise

Your customers can trust their floors are well-protected against moisture and other causes of damage.


Quality & Comfort

Available in lightweight rolls designed with adhesive strips, FloorMuffler is quick and easy for you to install.

Understand Sound Ratings for Flooring

On the surface, it might seem really easy to check if a certain underlayment complies with your building’s sound ratings requirements. However, it is not only about finding a product that on paper meets the rating, but understanding where that rating is coming from. Were the acoustic tests done by an approved laboratory? What type of flooring assembly was used in the test? Is the test assembly the same or at least similar to the assembly in your project? Answering these questions will help you to ensure that the underlayment’s rating is relevant to your project.

Since its initial development, the FloorMuffler was specifically designed with quality and acoustic performance in mind. For over 15 years, we have specialized in innovative, high-quality manufacturing processes to ensure that FloorMuffler underlayment performs according to the highest standards, in real homes and apartments.

Our experts also understand that noise travels differently through different types of flooring systems– the underlayment is just one piece of the puzzle. We can help you choose the right underlayment based on your flooring and other unique factors.

Learn more about underlayment sound ratings.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Flooring

If you’re in charge of overseeing a renovation or a new build, then you want to make sure you’re installing quality products with a long lifespan. FloorMuffler is designed to not only deliver optimal acoustic performance, but also to protect your flooring for the long-term.

Moisture and subfloor irregularities both pose a big threat to flooring systems over time. Moisture can cause warping and subfloor irregularities can cause damage to the locking systems or transfer minor subfloor imperfections to the flooring surface. If this happens, the flooring will eventually have to be ripped and replaced all over, which is a big hassle for you and your residents.

FloorMuffler’s excellent moisture protection will preserve the flooring in your buildings for years to come. You’ll get the maximum lifespan and protection you need to save dollars down the road, as well as to ensure complete comfort for all of your residents.

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FloorMuffler is now recognized as a MasterSpec product by The American Institute of Architects. Click here for more details.